VoIP Consulting

We do VoIP consulting and install VoIP systems for large Avaya Business Partners like NACR and Cross-Telecom.

We encourage the use of VoIP consulting and services for multi-site phone system installations and paging systems.  VoIP uses your existing LAN/WAN network with NO additional monthly charges.   You already own (or lease) your LAN/WAN.   Previously, if you wanted to connect branch offices for paging, you had to at least provide a phone line, and for multiple points you needed a full-fledged multi-point audio circuit at hundreds of dollars per month per location.

Once you’ve invested in VoIP, you reduce your operating costs dramatically.   Most installations can recoup the investment cost in two years, sometimes a year or less.

The ideal VoIP job is to replace an existing traditional phone system with an IP office phone system (IP = Internet Protocol).    You can re-use your existing wiring infrastructure with digital phones.

A lot of businesses don’t understand that you can re-use your existing wire with digital telephones and only use VoIP pieces as needed.    Traditional phones are less expensive than VoIP phones.

Our specialty is overhead paging systems design and installation and VOIP is ideal for multi-location paging systems.   You don’t have to have any dedicated, physical hard-wire connection to page to multiple locations!