Testimonials – Telephone and Paging Systems

Godfrey & Kahn

Matthew Conway Telecom Analyst

You impressed us from the start, instantly identifying potential problems before they could become an issue. Within a half an hour we knew you were the best person for the job and we’d be in the hands of a paging expert. Custom paging systems are truly your specialty.

Weyco Group

Lance Longhenry

Once you got the head end equipment fixed and interfaced to the East building it was about thirty minutes before a co-worker came running, saying “That’s the way that paging should sound! Our work is going to be a LOT easier to do now that we can hear the speakers in the East building! It sounds crystal clear now.” Like I said at the time, that was all we needed to get the rest of the job approved and done right.

As good as the work was, Jerry – it was even better when our bill was for much less than you recommended we budget for the job! Moreover, we’re no longer burning up speakers and amps the way we used to.

Desert Aire

Michael Heyman IT Administrator

Imagine our surprise when you assured us after only an hour that our existing system could be fixed at a cost of about 5% of a new system. Then you gave us recommendations and an estimate for upgrades – essentially re-designing our existing system with a couple of new components that got us a “like-new” system at a cost perhaps 20% of new.

Xtreme Stainless Precision Metal Fabrication

Rich Rutkowski Owner

I’m glad I was referred to Intelegist – you saved me a lot of money and we got it done right the first time…
Thanks for fast design and installation at a very reasonable price. My first call for anything with voice or data will always be Intelegist!

OnYourMark, LLC

Jerry Schritz helped me build my business. Through two office moves and four expansions, I’ve had proven success with him. Never had even one minute of downtime. Systems were installed cost-effectively, with room for growth, and excellent service is always available within minutes. I would never think of going anywhere else.

Keith Klein Owner

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