Telecommunications Consulting

Telecommunications Consulting

Does all the new technology in telephone systems, paging design, VOIP have you wondering what to do next? Our experienced telecommunication specialist provides consulting services and second opinions for your telephone, overhead paging system, VOIP and structured cabling needs.

Whether you need help with adds, moves, rearranges and changes, or moving your existing phone system, or have a question regarding your current phones or loudspeaker paging system, Intelegist, LLC can help you. Our response if fast, and our services are affordable. We provide a wide range of services throughout Wisconsin, the midwest, and the nation.

When you have several sub-contractors on your telephony or paging system project, you want someone in charge of Telecommunications Consulting who can ensure overall compatibility and successful completion with quality results.

Contact us first or last, but Contact Us! Our consulting service can help save costly equipment purchase mistakes and ensure quality operation of your installed telephone systems, structured cabling and overhead paging systems.

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