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Racks of Amplifiers Paging Systems design

We offer paging systems designed to cover your needs including telephone paging systemsoverhead paging systemsloudspeaker paging, and public address systems. We provide total paging design solutions for clients in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Chicago, Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana and nationwide.

Our Paging systems design specialists work directly with your single point of contact to insure your needs and expectations are met.

We can also spec out a method of wiring and equipment installation and work with another installation crew of your choice to ensure a quality installation.

We are an independent Paging Dealer with extensive experience in the design and installation of paging systems and public address (PA) systems from many top manufacturers, including:

  • Bogen
  • Page Pac
  • Wheelock
  • Dukane
  • Valcom (purchasers of Harris Dracon)
  • Viking
  • Quam
  • And More

Satisfied clients include Home Depot, Georgia Pacific, Melrose, Safeway, eFunds and more!


75% of business communication problems are internal.

Paging Systems are often the ONLY method for immediately communicating to everyone. For example:

“Attention all computer users: Do Not, REPEAT, Do Not Open any E-mails. . . We are under a virus attack. Log off the network until further notice!”

We do paging systems project management, including every facet from start to finish, or just those aspects of the job that you need. Almost everyone provides a ‘free design’. That just means you’re free to buy a list of parts from them. We’ll give you a paid design based on your needs and we’ll make the best manufacturers of paging system components compete for your business.

We’ll be asking, What do you want your Paging System to do for you?

  1. Locating People
  2. Emergency Announcements
  3. Zoning (Communicating with certain departments as needed)
  4. Remote Building
  5. Night Ring / Night Bell (send off-hours calls to another location via paging)
  6. Time Clock/Tones
  7. Alert Tones (often required by OSHA, always required by common sense)
  8. Digital Messages (digitally recorded voice announcements in pre-determined messages)
  9. Talkback (Paging System Speakers become a microphone)
  10. Door Speaker (Intercom to control access, for example)
  11. Zone Microphone (Pre-programmed microphone for touchpad control of paging to zones)
  12. Call Stacker (Allows multiple pages to be queued for delivery)
  13. Feedback Eliminator (Records your voice and plays it back when you hang up to stop feedback squeals)
  14. Background Music
  15. Computer Programmable Option
  16. Visual Message Centers
  17. Ambient Level Controller (automatically adjust paging sound levels)
  18. Many others

After determining your requirements, we’ll need a drawing of your facilities and a walk-through, if applicable. We can do sound readings if you don’t have them. We’ll mark up your drawings to specify every component of your paging system. We’ll send a digital picture of your design for review with your point of contact. Then we’ll quote complete installation if you wish.

Your Benefits . . .

  • Find People Fast When Not At Their Desk
  • Saves Money – Reduces Costly Call-Backs
  • Reduces Customer Hang-Ups & Lost Calls
  • Background Music Improves Employee Productivity
  • Emergency Notification (OSHA/ADA)
  • Time Clock /Night Ring Tones
  • Door Entry Management

For customers with a technical background, here are some Paging System access and selection considerations:

  • PBX Loop Start Trunk Port
  • Electronic Key Line Position
  • Dedicated Single Line Phone Set
  • PBX Ground Start Trunk Port
  • Page Port (Telephone System Dependent)
  • Centrex or C.O. Line
  • PBX Analog Station Port (Loop Disconnect Required)
  • Centrex or C.O. Line
  • – or –
  • Stand Alone
  • Provides Page Access to Your Paging System Via a Loop Start/Ground Start C.O. Port, Dry Loop Page Port or Analog Station Port
  • Provides Attendant Access Override With Level Control From A Zone Microphone or Page Port
  • Music Input With Level Control
  • Tones Including Night Bell, Alerts, Call or Page Confirmation, Page Busy and Pre-Announcement

We have experience with overhead loudspeaker paging systems design, installation and service for all of the following applications. We’ll also provide testing, maintenance and repair for your existing overhead loudspeaker paging systems.

  • Office Paging Systems
  • Warehouse and Distribution Center Paging Systems
  • Retail Paging Systems
  • Hospital and Healthcare Paging Systems
  • Auto Dealership Paging Systems
  • Manufacturing Plants Paging Systems
  • Transportation Paging Systems
  • Doctors, Dentists and Medical Clinic Paging Systems, including Nurse-On-Call
  • Hotels and Hospitality Paging Systems
  • Public Address Paging Systems
  • School Paging Systems


Thanks to Bogen for image usage.

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