Telephone and Paging Design

Telephone and Paging Design

Intelegist, LLC can help you with all of your telephone and paging design needs, from your typical adds, moves, rearrangements and changes, to new voice and data lines, telephone systems and overhead paging systems designs, to your specifications.

We can work with you to double check systems configurators or to design your new system from scratch. We’ll check your current call routing patterns if you’d like in order to give you the best cost-savings scenarios.

We have over thirty years of design experience for Overhead Paging Systems and for Bell, AT&T, Lucent and Avaya Telephone Systems. We can also integrate Voice Over Internet Protocol – VOIP…as well as advise you on whether VOIP will truly meet your requirements, whether for VOIP for telephone and/or VOIP for overhead paging.

Our design work begins with customer consultation. Ideally, the customer provides drawings for overhead paging designs; drawings are not typically required for phone systems until installation time and we can provide those for you in many cases.

We have extensive experience with the best of traditional and new technologies. We can advise you about what to avoid as well as what will best meet your needs.  See a few of the systems we recommend and design to the right.

Definity and Communications Manager, especially aftermarket and moves, adds and changes.

Voice-Data-Paging and IP Office Equipment Designs take Planning. With the proper planning, the execution of the Installation will go smoothly. Take an idea and fashion a design that can be constructed to meet the plan. It is important for the Customer and Installation Crew to have a proper design. There can be no Customer Satisfaction without a plan to confirm expectations.


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