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Jan 05

Remote Paging Support

By Jerry | Public Address Systems

Remote Paging Support

Intelegist LLC offers remote paging support for customers who have their own maintenance people.

Whether you are 20 miles or 2,000 miles away, we can provide remote paging support.  We’ve solved problems for customers in virtually every state.  Give us a call!

Hourly rate is $78/hr. We have helped a lot of customers over the phone.

414-531-3547  Cell

We don’t engage in billing until we’ve heard the issue.  If we can’t help you fix it on the spot (a positive result we often achieve by phone), we can at least point you in the right direction.

Dec 01

Technology (Old Verses New)

By Jerry | Blog

I have enjoyed working with IT and the new VOIP Telephony people. They know applications and ethernet, but when it comes to wiring or tying it all in, they still need the Old Pros. A good background in wiring and connectivity is still required to complete a good working job. Voice, Data, and Paging projects still require a good infrastructure cabling job.

Nov 19

Custom Paging Design

By Jerry | Blog

Just installed a replacement paging system for a customer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Their old install took up half the wall. The new takes up only 2W X 2H X 18″D.  The new system is mounted in a wall mounted swing gate rack. 300 watt Amp., 6 Attenuators (one for each of six floors), Announcements for all the door bells, UTI paging interface and emergency override.

The new system sounds much better. Another Satisfied Customer.  All for under $2,500.00                            This Public Address System or PA System install reused existing speakers, which saved money.

Mar 19

Another VOIP Paging Repair

By Jerry | Blog

Using VOIP to connect remote locations on a Overhead Loudspeaker Paging System, or a Public Address Systems is really working out well. Functionality is no problem. The fact the the locations are so spread out makes repair a bit of a challenge. We really need the cooperation of the IT departments. My last repair was for noise over paging at a remote location. Turns out the remote location had a noisy or defective power supply on the VOIP box.

Oct 24

Trade Secrets, Thumbdrives, and Aspirin – protecting your company’s secret recipe

By Jerry | Blog

Attorney Chris Moander speaking at WisOwners, October 31st

Join Wisconsin Business Owners for a “Lunch and Learn” next Friday, October 31st, 2008.

Chris Moander will share some insights on IP – intellectual property.

I met Chris at a WisOwners meetup and I like the guy even though he’s a lawyer.   Chris just completed a Wisconsin Business Owner Interview with another friend of mine.  All the details and registration for the “Lunch and Learn” where Chris is speaking are at

Gerard Schritz

Oct 15

Overhead Loudspeaker Paging Job for Milwaukee Public Schools

By Jerry | Blog

I’m helping a contractor update paging for Milwaukee Public Schools. We’re changing all the amplifiers in all the schools.

We’re interfacing the paging cabinets with the school time-clocks and the phone systems. The old time-clock buzzers are being removed and the annoying horns are replaced by pleasant chimes through the overhead loudspeaker paging systems.


Apr 08

The Doc retired

By Keith Klein | Blog

It is official, the Doctor of Paging has retired.

Don Bivens has retired after many years in the industry. Don inherited the title The Doc by everyone he ever worked with or trained.

I received excellent training from the Doc. This man gave much to the Overhead Paging Industry because he loved it.

Don traveled all over the country Training and doing Paging Demo’s. He loved what he was doing and it showed.

If you had a paging problem, Don could heal it.

I met up with Don while vacationing in Arizona this March. He is doing well.

He said he was no longer active in the Industry. I didn’t think he could do it.

He hung up his guns…..

He is retired, but not gone.

Jan 22

1st real blog post…

By Keith Klein | Blog

Busy day today…

Blew 10 inches of snow out of my driveway, and the neighbor’s.

Did a programming change on a customer’s Magix phone system in downtown Milwaukee – remotely.

Talked to a business partner in Minnesota – a web inquiry – and will be doing paging designs for the Minneapolis-area contractor.

Did a repair on a Partner phone system in Hartford, Wisconsin – remotely.

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