Paging Wisconsin PA System Install & Repair

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The demand for paging system installs and repairs is picking up. We just finished another large plant install in southeastern Wisconsin. We design, install and repair all types of paging systems including telephone paging systems, overhead paging, loudspeaker paging and public address systems. Contact us with your paging Wisconsin needs.

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Public Address System Re-design & Repair

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Customers PA System has not work properly since new VOIP Telephone System was installed two years ago. Customer has been trying to fix the problems for two years and finally gave up and called Intelegist LLC. We installed a new audio distribution unit, also a new amp in one of the three buildings. Working great now.

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Paging Work Picking Up

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More and more customers have the need to tie in paging to multiple buildings. Have a few jobs going now. I have been picking up some paging repairs. A few are upgrading from do it yourself systems, to a professional overhead loudspeaker paging system. www/

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Remote Paging Support

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Remote Paging Support Intelegist LLC offers remote paging support for customers who have their own maintenance people. Whether you are 20 miles or 2,000 miles away, we can provide remote paging support.  We’ve solved problems for customers in virtually every state.  Give us a call! Hourly rate is $78/hr. We have helped a lot of customers over the phone. 414-531-3547  Cell We don’t engage in billing until we’ve heard the issue.  If we can’t help you fix it on the spot (a positive result we often achieve by phone), we can at least point you in the right...

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Technology (Old Verses New)

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I have enjoyed working with IT and the new VOIP Telephony people. They know applications and ethernet, but when it comes to wiring or tying it all in, they still need the Old Pros. A good background in wiring and connectivity is still required to complete a good working job. Voice, Data, and Paging projects still require a good infrastructure cabling job.

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Custom Paging Design

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Just installed a replacement paging system for a customer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Their old install took up half the wall. The new takes up only 2W X 2H X 18″D.  The new system is mounted in a wall mounted swing gate rack. 300 watt Amp., 6 Attenuators (one for each of six floors), Announcements for all the door bells, UTI paging interface and emergency override. The new system sounds much better. Another Satisfied Customer.  All for under $2,500.00                            This Public Address System or PA System install reused existing speakers, which saved...

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