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Trade Secrets, Thumbdrives, and Aspirin – protecting your company’s secret recipe

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Attorney Chris Moander speaking at WisOwners, October 31st Join Wisconsin Business Owners for a “Lunch and Learn” next Friday, October 31st, 2008. Chris Moander will share some insights on IP – intellectual property. I met Chris at a WisOwners meetup and I like the guy even though he’s a lawyer.   Chris just completed a Wisconsin Business Owner Interview with another friend of mine.  All the details and registration for the “Lunch and Learn” where Chris is speaking are at Regards, Gerard...

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Overhead Loudspeaker Paging Job for Milwaukee Public Schools

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I’m helping a contractor update paging for Milwaukee Public Schools. We’re changing all the amplifiers in all the schools. We’re interfacing the paging cabinets with the school time-clocks and the phone systems. The old time-clock buzzers are being removed and the annoying horns are replaced by pleasant chimes through the overhead loudspeaker paging systems. Regards, Jerry

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